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Olli minibus

Olli, the super minibus which driving alone is already a reality

In recent months we have seen an explosion of self-driving vehicles that want championing the future of transportation. The best known is the google autonomous car that already has had time to have some other …

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WD My Passport Ultra

Despite the popularization of cloud storage solutions are still many users who prefer to keep their data in a controlled and physical support only for themselves. The Veteran series WD My Passport remains synonymous with quality and proof of this is the latest model that has passed through our technical laboratory; we analyze the new WD My Passport Ultra.

WD My Passport Ultra

Surely we all agree that the most valuable thing on our computer is not the latest generation processor and the powerful graphics that allows us to enjoy the game but the information we store inside. Unfortunately, it is rare to the user who has not suffered data loss ever and has served as a lesson to prepare a plan B for their data in case of problems. A good external hard drive is a great option that is quickly recovered when we have to resort to it. Read the full story »

The Top Reasons to Use a Website Builder

good website builder

Whether you are starting your own online company or your brick and mortar company needs an upgraded website, it is worth using a web site design company to get the most benefit from your online …

BlindShell, the first mobile phone with touch screen designed for the blind


Why a blind must depend on a mechanical keyboard to use their phone if it is possible to use the touch screen of a smartphone in an intuitive way? BlindShell gives answer to that question …

Skype no longer allows sharing files over 100MB

skype sharing files limit

The known VoIP system from Microsoft remains one of the most popular and used both professionally and particularly, a situation which as we know has led the Redmond giant to introduce many improvements recently and …

The Coolest Galaxy Isn’t Found In Store

galaxy s7 skin

You might be surprised to hear that Samsung – not Apple – has sold more phones in the last 5 years. It seems like Apple will only breaking 800 million sales as of this year, …

What is a Simple Way to Clean a Mac?

Are you thinking about cleaning your Mac but not quite sure how to start? As you probably realize, doing so manually is almost out of the question as it will take ages for you to …

Info About Buying a Domain Name

domain name buying

Starting your own website involves many different steps. One of the most important of these is choosing a domain name. The importance of this decision is enormous because it will impact the amount of people …

Different Uses of Smartphones For Present World

uses of smartphones

The reasons for the sales of smart phones touching the sky over the past few years are because of iphone and android operating system. Both of them have unbelievable wonderful number of applications in their …

Seeing AI: Application that describes the world to the blind persons

Seeing AI

The Redmond giant has succeeded in giving shape to an event build very interesting and as usual its great ads have given a lot to talk about, in particular the inclusion of the Ubuntu Bash …

Holoportation, a marvel backed by HoloLens


The people of Microsoft Research has surprised us with this fantastic video where we can see the technology referred to as Holoportation, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a kind of “holographic teleportation” …

Robohon, the humanoid robot that hopes to revolutionize the mobile telephony


Robohon is a humanoid minirobot that dancing, chat, andalso works as a highly sophisticated mobile which aspires to lead that kind of telephony, has said its creator, Tomotaka Takahashi, also “father” of the first robot …