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Muzo is the curious device that allows you to make the total silence around us

Can you imagine that situation where you have wanted to have absolute silence and you have not found a way to achieve it? Earplugs, headphones… any method to be able to concentrate or relax with …

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Loewe Bild 7

The UHD models are increasingly leading role in the market and the large existing catalog comes to add a new member, this time in the segment of the top end. This is the Loewe Bild 7 display, which comes presuming OLED technology.

Loewe Bild 7

Cutting edge design
With regard to the design this is a model that follows the guidelines of the brand, with a design to match the other devices of the company. We are facing a screen with a thickness of less than 7 mm and a few nearly invisible bezels only broken by the logo of the brand in the right margin.

At the bottom of the screen find the circular button Loewe Eye, typical designs of the brand and following the same sound bar integrated and motorized that is keeps hidden while the TV is off. Read the full story »

DroneSeed, drones that help reforestation after fires


After deforestation by fire or logging, DroneSeed drones can plant tree seeds 10 times faster than people….
The deforestation of the mountains because of people or large fires are not caused by humans are a major …

Apple AirPod, iPhone 7 wireless headphones

Apple AirPod

The new Apple Airpod are wireless headphones whose design is one of the most bizarre and controversial that has appeared in the company…..

The elimination of the headset port on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone …

Promoting Your Online Business Is Essential

promoting online business

You have probably spent a great deal of time and effort to put your site together. However, all of your effort will have been for nothing if you do not take all of the necessary …

How to prevent WhatsApp from sharing your information with Facebook

WhatsApp announced major changes in its terms of service and privacy policy. Especially suit their new services such as audio calls, but also to warn that after the purchase by Facebook, WhatsApp will start sending …

The Internet of Things Is Taking Canada by Storm – Is Your Business Ready?


A wastewater treatment facility operator gets notified via a smartphone app that an automated pump is not working properly, and he’s able to fix it before any other systems are at risk. Technicians at a …

How to Create Mobile Content that Will Win You Customers

create mobile content

The science is in; mobile is everywhere, and it’s becoming a crucial part of the content writing mix. The average mobile content consumption has doubled in the past few years, and half of the internet …

Fuchsia, how is the new operating system of Google to connect everything

fuchsia for raspberry pi

Google is the company responsible for give you two of the most used operating systems in the world: Android and Chrome. If, Chrome, the famous navigator, could be considered an operating system by itself, because …

Philips Health Watch count your calories and follows chronic diseases

Philips Health Watch

Philips launches products as a smart watch or a scale that stores information of physical activity to study chronic diseases.

When you go to an electronics store and you get closer to the section of smart …

The importance of the SD card or how it became the standard of mobile storage

importance of the SD card

Most of smartphones users around the world used as storage system known memory cards in SD format, a format that today clearly is considered the standard in what regards the storage used by many mobile …

Gorilla Glass 5: Does the unbreakable protection for mobile?

gorilla glass 5

The protective layer is present in the vast majority of screens in the world has a new version. Corning has announced the development of the new Gorilla Glass 5, a new generation of protection so …