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Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry Priv: Blackberry trying to resurrect with Android

Blackberry smartphones was the benchmark for the beginning of the century. Everyone wanted a smartphone with Blackberry technology and capabilities. But the iPhone arrived (and after this Android) and Blackberry began its slow but inexorable …

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apple patents

A clear piece of news discovered a new Apple patent on an audio jack smaller than the 3.5mm mini-jack, intended for use on mobile devices, opening the door for them to be thinner than they are now. Apparently it does not offer any additional functionality from the Jack, but it occupies 1mm less space.

apple patents

The appearance of this patent could be an attempt by Apple to satisfy shareholders and those peripheral manufacturers authorized by the company, as this would make the standards connector with 3.5mm jack helmets are incompatible, requiring an adapter and increasing so exclusive sales against Apple peripherals compatible alternatives. Read the full story »

Now come the most powerful 3D printers with higher resolution and larger format


The truth is that the new generation of 3D printing comes to innovate and improve many aspects regarding the initial models. Now it’s the turn of Formlabs, more than a year ago it had its …

5 tips to maintain the security of your browser

maintain browser security

Total security is something unattainable, even so the user always has ways to keep that safety at the highest possible levels. Today we publish a series of simple tips that will allow the user to …

Reliable File Recovery from SATA Hard Drive

recover hard drive

File recovery can be a very frustrating thing to do. Data processing and data storage today is very depending on computer technology. Lots of data are stored on computer hard drive and unfortunately, data storage …

Home Servers: What they are and what they can do for us

home server

As the connected portable devices are becoming more numerous and laptops are getting lighter, there is a tendency that grows slowly but surely: that of a home server installed at home to meet certain needs. …

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12, with 12.5″ screen to 4K resolution

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12

Toshiba has introduced its new portable high end, the Satellite Radius 12. its name may not impact initially, but it is a laptop with some impressive features.

First of the entire first thing that impact is …

Apple’s 3D Touch Could Change How User’s Interact with Their Phones

Apple’s 3D Touch

Apple is a company known for its innovation. It is continuously creating new technology and features for its devices, especially its mobile gadgets. Since there are always knew things happening in the world of iOS, …

Virtual Laser Keyboard Aoluguya, analysis

virtual laser keyboard aoluguya

The protagonist of our discussion today is one of the most curious products: a small Bluetooth device that projects a full keyboard on a flat surface and allows us to write in our smartphone or …

Upgrade VMware, the virtualization world at your fingertips

Upgrade VMware

VMware has announced launch of new versions of its virtualization software solutions, a world full of possibilities to virtualization operating systems and applications.

You’ve already seen the possibilities of this virtualization software tests on beta versions …

4 web design tips for WordPress

web design tips for WordPress

The web design of a website based on WordPress is essential not only for SEO positioning, but also in terms of improved visual experience for visitors. You remember that users often make a decision about …

Intel will support AMD FreeSync technology

AMD Freesync

AMD FreeSync will be soon supported by Intel, according confirms the head of Intel graphics, David Blythe. A very important recognition bearing in mind the market share that has the chip giant through its integrated …