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gboard on android

Gboard already on Android, the keyboard that you should use

If you have a smartphone, you have a virtual keyboard that allows you to write everything that goes through your head. Google launched a few months ago a new keyboard for the users of iPhone …

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Nokia, or rather HMD Global which is the company that designs and manufactures now these mobile, will arrive at the next Mobile World Congress with two mobiles under the arm to make its new entrance to the world of the mobile, after several years without launching smartphones by its sale to Microsoft. It is very possible that Nokia announces the international version of the Nokia 6 that we saw a few days ago, but the surprise would come with the with high-end device, Nokia P1.


The rumor comes from the Russian site worket, claiming to confirm the arrival of a high-end Nokia smartphone, but based on an existing device, the Sharp Aquos XX3, a mobile only available in Japan. Read the full story »

Google released Android Wear 2.0 with its own range of smartwatches

LG Watch Sport & Style

The bubble of smart watches seems to deflate little by little. And on the Android Wear platform, the absence of news seems more noticeable. That is why Google itself has decided to take the lead …

Nintendo Switch, the new console that can use at home or on the street

Nintendo Switch

It is not necessary to be a fan of Nintendo or of the video games to understand that Nintendo has nothing to do with other brands like Sony or Microsoft. With Wii and Wii U, …

Amazon fulfills and delivers the first order using a drone

amazon prime air

Amazon achieved what many qualified as mere promotion; make a delivery of a package by using a drone. And it does through its Amazon Prime Air service that allows deliveries of packages with a maximum …

reMarkable, a notebook of very interesting electronic ink

remarkable tablet

The remarkable tablet is a quite peculiar solution because although at first glance may think that it is a device more in reality this is a gadget that can describe almost like electronic ink notebook.

Yes, …

Consumer Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

consumer tech trends

In 2014, posted that “the Internet of Things is far bigger than anyone realizes”. Well, over the past couple of years, everyone HAS come to realize just that. Tech products and services just keep …

This is what we know about the new OnePlus 3T

new OnePlus 3T

The mobile brand OnePlus is about to update which is still one of the best smartphones on the moment in relation quality/price. The new mobile is known as OnePlus 3T. It is not a new …

Now you can use Android Auto in any car

android auto

Google evolves Android Auto to an application that can be used in any car to concentrate on what matters on the road

Google launched Android Auto in 2014, an adapted version of Android especially designed to …

Get Your Data Lost with Secure File Recovery Software

secure file recovery

Some peoples having experience where your hard drive suddenly broken and you loss of your data, or you already attack by virus that can make all of your data is crash or totally lost. This …

Kodak resurrects ‘Ektra’ converted into a mobile photo

kodak ektra smartphone

Although the legendary photography company Kodak is the only brand consumer level, there are few attempts to enter the digital business since 2013. It is broken back in latest attempt is the new Kodak EKTRA, …

LeEco Super Bike, the bike connected to the mobile and full of sensors

LeEco Super Bike

Will be the electric bicycles the next big Christmas gift? After the drones and the fateful hoverboard, the world of technology watches the bikes as the next transport system that revolutionize with more sensors, gadgets …