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Google enters the routers market with OnHub

OnHub is a consumer wireless router that represents the entrance of the Internet giant in the field of networking products.

It has been developed by Nest – the specializing in smart home devices company for which …

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web design tips for WordPress

The web design of a website based on WordPress is essential not only for SEO positioning, but also in terms of improved visual experience for visitors. You remember that users often make a decision about the quality of the information before even reading it simply based on the web site design. Here columbus website design give some tips for WordPress that can be of great utility.

web design tips for WordPress

Color Schemes
The colors of a web page should be memorable since having a stable color creates high expectations. Therefore it is essential to use a palette of unlimited colors, making sure to choose and use two main colors and a font in black or dark gray that are consistent through every page of the site. Read the full story »

Intel will support AMD FreeSync technology

AMD Freesync

AMD FreeSync will be soon supported by Intel, according confirms the head of Intel graphics, David Blythe. A very important recognition bearing in mind the market share that has the chip giant through its integrated …

Windows Hello can differentiate twins

Windows Hello differentiate twins

The authentication system Windows Hello can differentiate twins, a detail that allows us to realize how interesting this Microsoft new system of biometric authentication.

Windows Hello as we know, in essence, a system of facial recognition …

Touchjet Wave transforms your TV in large format on a huge touch screen

Touchjet Wave

If of so much using the mobile and Tablet are that when you are near a flat-screen television makes you want to drag icons or change channels by touching its surface, then you will …

OneDrive improves support of teamwork

onedrive improves support

Microsoft is rolling out an update to OneDrive that warns users when someone is editing a file that has been shared, either through a notification in the phone or email. Although this feature is now …

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

right web hosting

Nowadays a website has become a basic necessity for making a business digitalized. Once it runs successfully, it can be the main information center or headquarters of your business. The level of success of a …

Ten mistakes that we can not commit to hiring a web designer

hiring web designer

Most companies already have a wealth of some years when it comes to creating and managing their websites. However, on many occasions and keep repeating the same mistakes when hiring a web designer, so the …

10 Reasons Why Paid Hosting Is The Best?

why paid hosting

Newbie website owners look for inexpensive options in web hosting because they already have spent money on creating the website and now, they want to save as much as they can. Well, it’s not the …

Dedicated Web Hosting Vs. Shared Web Hosting

shared vs dedicated hosting

There are various types of web hosting available today. But, I am going to discuss about the two most prominent and widely used web hosting, which are shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Shared …

Microsoft redesigns Bing Maps to compete with Google

bing maps

Microsoft has shown a redesign of its mapping service, Bing Maps, making it quite similar to its competitor Google Maps, an idea of double edge because on the one hand it loses personality, but on …

The Impact of Website Speed in Business—Why Every Second Matters

website speed

There is no doubt that the Internet is no longer just a niche technology. It has become a mass media and an utterly indispensable part of modern life. It isn’t very bewildering that consumers lean …